Buying second hand bikes in Birmingham, at the centre car boot sale

If you’re looking to buy second hand bicycles in Birmingham, UK, your best bet might be the car boot sale in the centre. It opens for visitors at 8am, and best get there early to find the good stuff – although you’ll be glad to know a drive into Birmingham at that time of a Sunday morning is pretty quick. There’s parking at the multistory next door to the Wholesale Market where it’s held.

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The best way to approach it is look around all the stalls first – there are some just with lots of bikes, and some with various items, amongst them a few bikes. You can then get a sense of what’s on offer, tour the lot, and then return to the one you’re interested in. We found a reasonable BMX bicycle for my son at £20 – I’m sure we could have haggled him down a bit, but didn’t really feel the need to, it was worth it. Otherwise, there are all types of bikes to be found: mountain bikes, road, kids and adult.

There are food stalls as well, so you can get breakfast there. And there are of course tons of other things to nose through, not just bikes

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