Archers catchup on iPlayer Radio, vs podcast

You might be thinking, well what’s the difference? It’s the same show, right? Wrong. Well, kind of.

The other day I noticed that iPlaye Radio on my iPhone now allows you to download anything that you could previously only stream. Which is great news for people like me who listen to a lot of radio, or miss it and would like to catch up, but without using their bandwidth allocation – I’m always using up my monthly iPhone 3G.

Previously, I listened to The Archers on podcasts. The difference is that with the podcasts you get a ‘this is a podcast’ intro and a ‘that was a podcast’ type outro. Which is usually just a bit of fluff that tends to annoy, mainly because I hear it a lot.

But on the iPlayer Radio version, it’s ‘recorded’ as if straight from the FM radio show – so it’s introduced with maybe the end of the last show, and the continuity announcement into the show typically something like ‘Helen’s in a spot of bother’ – and then it goes into the show. Similarly, the last bits of the recording are a few seconds after the show.

For me, someone who rarely hears the show live, in the way I was brought up with it, and cherish it most, it’s the closest I can come to the live radio experience. So ongoing, I’ll be sticking with the iPlayer Radio stream and/or downloads.

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