Long time listeners left high and dry: the problem with The Archers Flood

A lot of people have been following with interest, or trying to, the current Archers story on BBC Radio 4: the floods. Or ‘the big flood’, as we might imagine it, swamping all and sundry. And that’s the problem. Whereas any other time listening to this show (where I’ve listened properly since 2003, but been a background listener all my life) it doesn’t really matter if you can’t picture where all the buildings are in relation to each other, who lives with who, etc, suddenly it is crucial to out understanding of what’s going on. So many conversations this week have displayed various levels of tension and panic, accompanied by water, but I can’t honestly tell whether someone is getting in a boat, up to their neck in water, or just running a bath.

And I’m not the only one.

Amusingly, I may have created a part of the backlash by my own post, which was incorrectly suggested to be part of the BBC’s transmedia around the event…

…which was cited in a story in The Telegraph.

Interesting they say that radio paints the best pictures, but when you’re not relying on your mind to fill in the gaps but want a bit more clarity and can’t get it, well it starts to fail a bit. Nonetheless, I’m still gripped. Keep it up.

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