The BBC ‘relegation’ to online, and why that’s not such a terrible idea

I’m probably not exactly the core demographic for BBC Three anyway (mid-30s), but I wasn’t terribly distraught to hear it may be axed. The idea seems to be that programming might be available online only, but isn’t  that where the kids of today are watching their ‘TV’ these days anyway? Whether it’s through iPlayer, downloads, Netflix or Youtube series, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be a huge wrench for BBC Three TV watchers to adjust – in some cases it might be as simple as using their TV remote to watch a TV-based online service (rather than having to using a mobile/laptop/tablet). These figures from Ofcom suggest an increased use on mobile and tablet for watching ‘television’ (see page 205 onwards).

More to the point, pushing more people online for their viewing would have the effect of opening up and expanding the Youtube mini-series market. A lot of people out there are now making their own comedy sitcom / sketch / animation / opinion shows in short but regular forms, and while it won’t be doing the BBC any favours, I’d have thought it would appeal to that BBC Three demographic. A lot of them will be there already of course, and being an old fogey myself, I’m probably preaching to the converted, but here are a few gems out there you might like to subscribe to in this vein.

Long Story Short


Simon’s Cat

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