The Plough pub fires head chef before Christmas. Twitter chaos ensues, as he runs the account.

Last night I noted one of THOSE social media moments. I pub apparently fired their head chef just before Christmas. Only he was the one controlling their Twitter account, and so this happened:

When it first happened last night, I came across the account and it had 250ish followers. Twenty minutes later it had more than doubled. And this morning, well at 8:07am, it’s at over 2,000. I guess by the time the Metro pick it up for their page 3 story, it will have grown again, or  the pub will somehow have got the account closed down. I wonder what the legal precedent is for this? Unless of course, it’s a terribly contrived PR stunt for the pub. After all, all press is good press, right? If nothing else, Asda will be picking up the tab as “supplier of gastro pubs”.

On a personal note, I knew this was a big story when one of my passing (and inaccurate tweets, sorry) got 8 retweets, very rare for me.

Anyway, I’m guessing the lesson here is: learn social media yourself, rather than entirely delegating it to your employees.



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