Wolves book swapping – first moves, playing with maps


At Wolverhampton’s Makeshift event yesterday, I pitched a book swapping idea for the city, a kind of stripped down bookcrossing.com. There’s a video here that explains it briefly:


Anyway, it was useful to air with people, and those in the session seemed interested in helping find locations. Lorna Prescott helpfully blogged the summary notes here, so I won’t go through it in too much detail. Thanks to all who attended that suggestion, with some very useful discussion and additions. 

Anyway, today I’ve been playing with the Google Maps Engine, which lets you make slightly more powerful maps than usual. Click on the link below:


On one layer I’ve mapped Wolves libraries, and then in the second layer, I was interested in seeing if book swapping locations could be set up that addressed areas that might not be well covered by a library, thinking of those who might be walking. I know this wasn’t an initial concern aired in the session, but given the massive range of places that could potentially be book swapping locations, I thought it might help narrow the field. As a result I’ve ended up with some pubs, churches, a surgery I think. Click on the blue marker points to see what each one is. 

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5 Responses to Wolves book swapping – first moves, playing with maps

  1. Steph Clarke says:

    Maybe you could also add a third layer that highlights pre existing book crossing points?

    • Problem is Steph, I don’t think there are any in Wolverhampton at all – tell a lie, there’s 1 at the hospital, and 2 in Essington listed on the site. I’ll add that layer.

      • Steph Clarke says:

        There is also one at Lock Works (Light House) and one in Tettenhall that I am aware of – I also think there is (or was) and informal crossing at Cafe Maxim..

      • Some of these aren’t listed on the site, or aren’t operating ‘officially’ then, which I’m all for as the official site seems to be a bit more of a headache than it needs to be.

      • There is a Book Swap in Jesters Cafe at the Newhampton Arts Centre. Don’t know if you spotted it on Saturday? Not officially on any site though, we just set it up ourselves and it seems to work quite well.

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