I was in Leicester. This is what I recorded for harkive.

What’s harkive? Well, I could tell you, or link you.

On the day in question, I was in Leicester. I listened to the radio (FM and DAB) on the way there, but didn’t hear anything noteworthy until I almost passed a busker. (I could slot in a huge footnote here about what’s personally ‘noteworthy’ music, and the difference between hearing and listening to music, but I won’t. I even considered approaching this post from the perspective of looking at the unappreciated composed music such as those people who work painstakingly on the Windows startup chimes, etc)

Anyway, this busker was in the middle of Leicester, a teenage girl with a bit of a goth look, red-dyed hair. You may know her, if you know Leicester.

Thissecond recording was I think radio playing into Subway as I got a sandwich. I say “I think” because I’m not sure if they’d tuned into a station, or had their own corporate radio ‘tape’ they had to play. I wonder how much corporate in-house radio is produced like this, and how often it’s live, being pumped out to branches around the country. Oh and it jarred with me for being a horrible cover of an otherwise decent White Stripes song.

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