Mousetrap revisited

As a kid I vaguely remember having the Moustrap board game in our house. Mostly, it’s the small plastic parts I recall, which never seemed to be properly put together, and I definitely never ‘played’ it, as in going through the whole game. In fact I’m not even sure I was really aware it was a proper board game, aside of the cryptic tub and diver, and stairway piece. Maybe we didn’t play it because parts were missing, but having bought a secondhand set of this game this weekend (20p) and then played it with my own kids, I think I now understand.

I never realised how infrequently the payoff occurs in this game. Strangely unsatisfying but also fun. #mousetrap

My childhood version was owned by my sisters, who are twelve years older than me. they probably played it in their lifetime, but I’d imagine when I started taking interest in it, from an early age of four, for example, it would have seemed a nightmare to set up and actually play. Enough to test the patience of any small child. As a kid I definitely didn’t realise you had to build up the trap pieces as you played and then ONLY got to set it off if one player had landed on he cheese and someone else SIMULTANEOUSLY landed on the ratchet square.

When both my four and two year sons old got hold of the game, I realised the first twenty minutes could be enjoyed actually playing it properly with them, the next fifteen watching them set off the trap repeatedly, and the next half an hour was them basically deconstructing/ reconstructing/ throwing it around. They were happy anyway.

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