What happened to BBC’s Luther?

Episode one of the new BBC series is just finished and… it’s good. I remember it being watchable in the first series, but essentially very cheesy, with pastiche characters and a tendency towards melodrama. But then that was some time ago. Maybe they’ve worked on the format. Maybe Idris Elba has less to prove now following the expectations after The Wire. 

I see a trend though in this kind of cop drama. 1. The multi-crime story that arcs over several series, and 2. following The Fall, the idea of a serial killer ‘why done it’ or ‘will they catch him before he kills again’ story arc, rather than a whodunnit. i.e. we see the killer in full face from the first episode. I’m not yet sure what to think about that here, although it did make for interesting viewing in The Fall. 

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