8mm Cine Club comes to Birmingham!

Just sent out a press release regarding 8mm Cine Club coming to Birmingham’s Flatpack Festival, but I know some will want something that can be shared or tweeted. So here it is:

8mm cine film enthusiast Jerome Turner invites anyone with a box of old cine reels to come along and have them projected at 8mm Cine Club’s first visit to Flatpack Festival.  Taking place on Saturday 23rd March 12.30-4pm at the Old Royal pub on Church Street, Birmingham this informal, friendly, and free event will give anyone bringing films an opportunity to share their memories, present their directorial debuts, and chat about the wonder of cine film.

8mm Cine Club

There was a time, before digital photography, camera phones and iPads when the only way of recording moving images at home was with a cine camera.  Many people, like Jerome, will have old 8mm or Super 8 cine films up in the attic or at the back of a drawer … they’re typically three minutes long and are wound on to small, plastic reels.  If you think you have any, then 8mm Cine Club is the place for you!  Talking about the club, Jerome Turner said,

“I started the cine club in Wednesfield a few months ago after going through some old holiday cine reels of my own. It’s sad to think there are films out there that probably won’t ever get played again – but 8mm Cine Club can help!  If you have films but no projector or a projector but no audience, come along to our event and share your films with us. People have brought along some great films to the Wednesfield meetings, and we’ve even been able to record some of them to Youtube for people. Now we want to see what Birmingham has to offer!”

The event runs from 12.30 to 4pm at The Old Royal pub, 53 Church St, Birmingham B3 2DP on a drop-in basis and will show as many films as time allows.  The event is part of Film Bug, Flatpack’s mini festival of film in partnership with Colmore Business District running from 21-23 March.

Please note that whilst 8mm Cine Club is confident in the equipment it plans to use, 8mm projectors are slightly unpredictable machines.  Therefore, the club can’t guarantee the safety of your film – if you’d prefer to bring your own projector along to play your films, then please do so.

For more information, contact Jerome Turner on 07747 164135, at jerometurner77@gmail.com or tweet @8mmcineclub. The club’s website can be found at http://www.8mmcineclub.tumblr.com, where you can see clips of films the club has shown in the past.


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