Crowdsourcing a community club at MAKE:Shift

Make:Shift has been announced again in Wolverhampton, with all new one-day unconference format by the sounds of it.

Here’s something I’d like to propose as a workshop: a crowdsourced community club. Leading up to the event, and on the event day itself, I would survey people on their interests, and more specifically, what they would like to learn or take up as a new hobby. Then on the day, a workshop would focus on whatever had proved most popular, and mould a process for organising that club. Where would it happen? What day of the week and for how long? Who would teach it? Would it be free and if so, would it need funding?What would people expect to get out of it or learn? What would be a measure of a successful club like this?

Why is this of interest to me? Because I am involved in Wednesfield Community Centre as someone who runs a club there but also sits on the committee. There is a sense among the committee that many Wednesfield residents don’t know about the centre and the activities there, despite it’s prime location (attached to the library, right in the centre of town, near the main supermarket). Of course this might not be a problem if all the clubs are full to capacity, I’m not sure if this is the case. However, if one issue is that clubs take place without high attendance, how could we better serve the needs of the community with these clubs? By crowdsourcing this via the survey and workshop on he day, maybe we can find out.

Hopefully, a new club could be formed, but if nothing else, we might have some useful information about the kind of activities people would like to take part in around Wolverhampton.

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2 Responses to Crowdsourcing a community club at MAKE:Shift

  1. jamesdclarke says:

    Sounds like a great idea!

  2. I think my first step is to find a convenient list of potential ‘community club’ or possibly even ‘evening class’ activities for people to choose from, as well as offering them the ‘other’ option to add their own. Macrame, needlework, photography, cooking, origami, knitting, personal financing, foreign languages, etc, that kind of thing.

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