The joy of charity shop toys

(couldn't be bothered to take a pic, this is stolen from ebay)

Today we picked up a bargain from St Chad's Church Fair in Wednesfield. 20p for a battery operated Batmobile and Batman with detachable, folding, rocket firing wings. 20p! I actually gave them a quid because it was slightly ridiculous, and now Joe is playing happily with it all alomng. It got me thinking about the joy of randomly discovering toys like this at the charity shop. Requires bullet points I'm afraid:

  • You never know what you'll find. Any many of them may be the toys you had, discarded from one generation to another. Which means you can impose your childhood tastes on your kids.??
  • More stuff works on these toys than you'd imagine. It's rare something is completely broken, and might only have a couple of missing bits. They often still have working batteries in too.??
  • You don't get a manual, so when it's a great hulking bit of plastic like this Batmobile, it can be fun to pull at it and see what it does.??

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