When will Twitter allow filtering by Friends, and Everyone?

We’re getting to a point now where I’d say a good few people are moving away from Facebook and towards Twitter. And the way they’re likely to use it, or want to use it, is to keep in contact with friends. But they might want to do that as well as the way everyone else uses it – to find out stuff and circulate within a larger circles of contacts. I don’t know about you but I don’t see my Twitter circles as just friends, there are varying levels of ‘friendship’, and then the stuff I also follow as news sources. 

So, how about a slider allowing us to see only varying degrees of friendship, or closeness, in our stream? 

Basically, you categorise close friends and family by ticking a box, or adding them to that ‘circle’ (see where I’m taking some of my inspiration here?). Then if you’re feeling in the mood to just banter with your loved ones, slide the stream slider over to Friends so you just see those conversations and posts. If you’re using it in the normal way, slide back to Everyone. 

Just thought I’d better immortalise this idea in case it comes up in the next few years, and I can take out a lawsuit. Against Twitter, I know, I know….
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