Durham Passport Office, and how to contact them.

EDIT: please note that this post is two years old and might not be too much help to those dealing with summer holiday 2014 delays. Especially as a commenter below has pointed out that phone number no longer works.

We recently sent off for a passport renewal and didn’t realise how long it was likely to take. It took 3 weeks in the end. After 2 weeks you’re allowed to phone the passport office to chase up the application, at which point your calls go through to a call centre, and they try and connect you once to the relevant passport office, which in our case, was Durham. But there’s no hold queue, so your only option is to request a callback, which may take 48 hours, or to keep calling over and over, hoping that they can connect you through to the office. 

Once we did get a callback, we also got a number for the Durham office, which is direct. And since my various tweets telling this tale, a few people now seem to think I’m an expert. 

I just got another couple of tweets about it, so I thought a blog post might help all those googling… 

The direct number for Durham is:


But note that hold queue is silent so keep holding. I’m guessing that’s a ploy – most people hearing silence on the phone will put it down. It is a hold queue, believe me. 

Good luck. 
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One Response to Durham Passport Office, and how to contact them.

  1. KMaier says:

    Hi just wanted to let anyone trying to get hold of Durham using this number know that it no longer connects you (June 2014). You have to go through the call centres and wait for callbacks that never come. I am SO stressed with never being able to talk to someone who actually knows where my application is. I hate having to just wait and want to be able to DO something!

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