Video editing using Youtube

I just found out you can do simple edits in Youtube, useful in certain situations. I had 3 mobile clips I wanted to to run one after the other. Here’s a quick step by step. 


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  1. Upload all your separate video files as separate videos in Youtube. Don’t worry you can delete them later. 
  2. Go to the Video Editor at This lets you drag files into a timeline, add audio and transitions. Ooh. 
  3. Then hit Publish. It’ll take a moment to process like any new upload, then go and edit tags, title, etc in the usual way. 
  4. Go back to your Video Manager and delete the intial video clips that made up your bigger one. 
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One Response to Video editing using Youtube

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an awesome feature, I’d say a large percentage of people wanting to edit mobile video only need this feature set anyway!

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