Two tales of good service at MacDonalds

The tagline I use on this site is ‘too long to tweet’, and this post is a perfect example. I recently got into a discussion with a couple of people on Twitter about the unexpectedly good service I got in Macdonalds on two occasions recently. Below is just part of the discussion, but I felt I needed to elaborate in my experience, for their sake:

Experience 1:
I went to Walsall centre MacD with both kids in tow. 1.5 yr old in the buggy, and 3.5 yr old on foot. It was very crowded. We’d just been to the art gallery, they were hungry, grouchy, waiting for food. This was the first time I’d taken them to MacD. I started to queue, wondering how on earth I’d be able to choose, pay, push buggy, hold hand of other child and carry tray of food back to a table which I had yet to find. There might not even be a table! (Talk about first world problems). As I was queueing and buying the food, a handy member of staff (who I had mistakenly assumed was simply loitering) offered to take the tray, escorted me to the seating area, and then rallied customers finishing at their tables to clear a table for me. I was gobsmacked. This was not a service I equated with MacD. I could cynically assume there’s a motive there, that it fits into their new healthy, friendly, family image. I might be right in assuming that, but it certainly helped the whole experience. (as it was by this time the 1.5 yr old had fallen asleep, then woke just as we were thinking of leaving, I offered him food, he screamed the place down, we left.)

Experience 2:
Again, I had both kids, we’d just gone to the cinema (to see Happy Feet 2 if you need the details). We came out and of the food options on Wednesfield’s Bentley Bridge retail estate, I’d already settled on MacD, maybe partly due to that last trip. There wasn’t quite the same level of attention. But this was a smaller one more geared towards their drive thru service. I had to find a table myself this time, but as I paid, they offered to bring the food over to my table when it was ready, appreciating again the difficulty I’d have carrying everything, and that I might not want to stand waiting with arms full of children and nappy bags. 

Regardless of: how much food they actually ate amidst the chaos of a distracting MacDonalds; my thoughts on ethical implications of eating there; my general understanding that MacD and the like isn’t great food for them; that we only go very occasionally; quality of happy meal toys (visit 1, Pirates! toys, visit 2, cress seed kit: both successful in the boys’ eyes), the quality of those experiences helped make the whole thing less stressful. 

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