Pandemic – BBC Radio 4 drama by John Dryden

On a tip from a friend, I just listened to all three episodes of a radio drama called Pandemic. Yes, all very zeitgeisty, we like our dystopian nightmares at the moment don’t we? Each episode follows a point in time during a viral pandemic, the present, future, and past, in that order. Each can be listened to on its own, but you actually get more from hearing all three, in order, there are secrets to unlock in doing so. Anyway, it’s all very enjoyable stuff, there’s something about the way it’s edited, very choppy and fast moving, that’s very powerful and keeps the pace going very nicely, unusually so for radio drama – think something like the TV series 24. I could actually have seen this working as a much longer series. And dare I say, much better than most TV at the moment.

Anyway you can still listen to it on BBC iPlayer, but only for a few days before it’s taken down, so move quick. 

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