The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff is… terrible.

I'm just watching some of the BBC's comedy offering this Christmas, The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff. But it's so bad, I'm not even going to hyperlink to the iPlayer link, I'd rather you didn't watch. I'm not quite sure how this show came about, and I think it's in four episodes – here's hoping none of them occur on Christmas Eve or Day because it will really spoil Christmas for a lot of people. The jokes come thick and fast but are lame and misfiring. It just feels a little dated, and I don't mean in the respect that it's set in the Dickens era, I mean there's something about the comedy that feels a bit 90s, a bit beneath the stellar cast of Stephen Fry, David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Katherine Parkinson. Just watch this clip:

Now does that come anywhere near anything David Mitchell has done before???

I think I also take offence because I am a fan of Dickens and am currently reading Great Expectations. The jokes made in this show seems to miss the point and fire easy shots. And let's not forget, the BBC have done all this much better already on Radio 4's Bleak Expectations – funnier, and somehow more reverent. Both shows also star Richard Johnson, in case you were wondering.??

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