Modern Warfare 3, once again: a little of the old + a little of the new = sales

Every time a new version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare comes out I think, do I really need this, given I’m still playing the old one on multiplayer? And every time, the system or gameplay is somehow tweaked to offer just enough intriguing change.

This time round, as shown in the video above, the killstreak system has been changed to reward three different types of player.

I always thought it was a little unfair you could do commendable things like take flags, assist in kills, etc but didn’t get any ‘in game’ reward for this. That has changed, with a ‘pointstreak’ being one way of playing. This should make for better team gameplay.

For this one, streaks don’t go back to zero when you die. So die as much as you like, this all adds up to your streak rewards. But it looks like the rewards for Support are not quite so aggressive.

This is for the kind of player who might want to play as a superhero, unlocking more and more perks. Anyone who’s used Perks a lot to their advantage will appreciate the ability to load weapons quickly, run fast and silently. And maybe fly and see through walls as well, who knows.

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