Cycle Speedway, East Park, Wolverhampton

On Saturday I went to see some cycle speedway at East Park, Wolverhampton, home to the East Park Wolves. And not just any racing bu the Autumn Grand Prix no less. I had no idea what to expect, never having seen it before. We’d come across the track on a recent visit to the park, found the schedule and thought we’d try it out. 

It cost nothing to watch, and refreshments were available during the interval, with a raffle going on too. The crowds weren’t too big, probably mostly consisting of the riders and their friends/families. We were, however, impressed by how far teams and riders came to take part. I believe there were riders from teams in Sandwell, Birmingham, a rider from Wednesfield, but also further afield – Wales, Hull.

The action was fast and furious. Each race consists of four laps of a relatively short track (see the pics), and excitingly, full body/ bike contact is allowed. The bikes seem to be very straightforward, often converted mountain bike frames with no gears or brakes. Racing started at 2pm – we were a little late but stayed for a good hour or so but left before the end of the races at 4.30. I think there were around 20 races in total, 10 either side of the interval. 

Anyway I’m sure I’ll be back to spectate when the season starts again in March. Having said that, they do seem keen to point out that they welcome people interested in taking part. The age range of riders was quite impressive, teens through to the older gent. I think someone pointed out that East Park Wolves are short of one female rider to make up a women’s team. Anyway, until next year, enjoy the photos. 

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One Response to Cycle Speedway, East Park, Wolverhampton

  1. chris burke says:

    Thanks for yous comments on eastpark wolves see you in march hopefully . Chris (secretary eastpark wolves)

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