Flickr’s first official Android app. Great, but…

It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong. And in lots of ways too. I like the minimal presentation, the focus on imagery rather than text. I especially like the display for You, which is based on your Photostream, then Favorites (sic), Sets, and Photos Of… 



However, I have a wish list for the next release/s:

  1. Please make a quick way to turn off the loud ‘snapshot’ sound when taking a photo. I have it turned off on my phone’s camera – the only way of doing it here is to turn off the phones’s sound, which is slow for me and not ideal. 
  2. I notice we can upload from our phone’s gallery, but only one at a time. It wouldn’t take much to allow quicker uploading of multiple items i.e. select multiple, then Next. 
  3. The naming of the filters is weird e.g. Miami, Rome, Paris – totally meaningless to me.
  4. The filters themselves don’t seem very varied, compared to what I was using before, Lightbox. Maybe I just don’t appreciate the subtleties of the differences. Although admittedly who seriously uses things like Posterize, Andy Warhol, etc. 
  5. When previewing photos taken in the Flickr app, before uploading, they have weird large squares all over them. I know the upload doesn’t look like that, but it’s a bit off putting. Is that because it’s an optimised, fast preview of the pic? 
  6. I somehow expected to see more in Settings. Maybe it’s because it’s a first stab at this app, and more features / settings will come, but it doesn’t make it feel very powerful. Then again, powerful often means bloated. 
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2 Responses to Flickr’s first official Android app. Great, but…

  1. ByteForByte says:

    I agree with you on entirely, especially on the filters. I feel like the names are meaningless and that there is nothing distinguishing them in any way

  2. tinkerb311a says:

    Feel like I have waited forever for a Flickr App from Android and in that time got my hopes up for something special and it really isn’t that different to the mobile site, aside from the camera app which isn’t anything special…

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