Brioche St Genix in a breadmaker

When in France, my mum often gets Brioche St Genix, with candied almonds inside it, as shown here. 

I’ve been having it since I was a wee nipper. Yesterday my mum visited and brought just some of the candy stuff, in balls (no almonds). So, rather than eat handfuls of basically sugar, I tried making a brioche, in my breadmaker, for #sundaybakeoff. This is what came out of the breadmaker:


It was kind of successful, but came out looking more like a loaf than a brioche shape… maybe next time I’ll just dump the dough on a baking tray once the breadmaker’s finished with it and see if it makes a rounder shape in the oven.As it was, I set up the breadmaker to create a brioche as per some instructions, and then threw in the candied sweet bits as it was kneading, making sure they got mixed in. Although I should have done this a bit later in the proces so they didn’t blend and melt in so much. It is very nice and light and will be lovely for breakfast, maybe with jam. 

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