Northycote Farm Harvest Festival day

After reading about the Northycote Farm harvest festival day on, I thought I’d pop along with a friend, and my two boys. It was a lovely day, with the weather just about holding – actually the light rain drizzle as we arrived did help push us inside for some lunch. 

There seemed to be a few folk acts (duos as far as I could see), but most notably, Rugeley Power Station Brass Band. I was amazed to hear their 10 year old percussionist (actually playing a full kit for many of the tunes) had only been playing at all for a year, let alone with the band, and she really held her own. Most excitingly, we were asked to count the number of different tunes within the piece ‘The Lone Arranger’. I did my best to count them, added a couple more, and came to 37. There were in fact 38, so I won the dubiously pleasurable prize of conducting the band in the next piece. Quite exciting as I used to play percussion in a similar band at school.  

What else? Well, we won a lovely stuffed elephant on the tombola, and bought some date slice. We guessed the weight of a large pumpkin (at 20KG, probably way off). Oh and obviously, a wander round the animals – the piglets have really grown since the last visit. 

Anyway, a great day had by all, and free as usual at Northycote. A big hand to everyone who put work into the day. 

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2 Responses to Northycote Farm Harvest Festival day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice write up! Hope @wolvesparkies spot this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great photographs and blogpost. Really pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Look forward to seeing you and your family again soon – coming up in October at Northycote, we’ve got a Fungi Foray, a Lantern Making workshop preparing for Halloween Night.

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