Posterous stats. Oh. So I’m not as popular as I thought I was.


Ever since I started blogging using Posterous I was really impressed at how many people were reading my posts. I liked to think I was very clever, insightful… quite the talk of the web. In my mind, several hundred views each time was quite impressive. 

Then I noticed the other day that I was getting considerably less views. I tweeted Posterous to try and fint out why this. They replied.

@jezturner we’ve started filtering out bots/crawlers like google analytics does

It would seem Posterous stats were getting a little over inflated with all those hits from bots and crawlers trawling the net. At least now I get a proper sense of how many people actually view my site, and it will properly align with the Google Analytics I have attached to my Posterous blog. 
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One Response to Posterous stats. Oh. So I’m not as popular as I thought I was.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I noticed this too about my own blog on posterous! I know that my main way of encouraging people to read mine is through an ‘opt-in’ e-mail list of friends, but in the early days I used to think "wow! Did nearly 400 people really read that?" Stats seemed to have evened out a bit now though. I’ve never really analysed – but I must say – what I do love about your posterous blog is that you always get me thinking about things that either a) have been knocking round in the back of my brain or b) I’ve never really considered before but are interesting. So thank you for that!

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