Removing unwanted entries in Google Docs Forms

I have recently had the problem of trying to use Google Docs Forms, needing to delete lines that have been entered when the form was being tested, but finding that this isn't reflected in the Show Summary of Responses graphs. So if I want 30 responses, but find I have 32 entries because I was trying it out before I launched the form live, there is no way of removing those two entires. You can delete the lines in the spreadsheet table view of the responses but you'll notice the number at the top still says 32, and charts reflect this too.??

The solution is a workaround but simple. Open the spreadsheet view, the default view of the form's responses. Do File > Make a Copy… Then in the copied file, delete the lines as required. It autosaves, so you may need to refresh the page, or even close the spreadsheet and reopen from Google Docs to see changes reflected. It should read 30 at the top and charts will work with your actual required respondents.??

I posted this after seeing many??people??had similar queries and had posted in Google ??forums that were then closed…??
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2 Responses to Removing unwanted entries in Google Docs Forms

  1. AK says:

    thanks, great tip.

  2. simon fouracre says:

    This doesn’t work

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