Flickr: Photostream deleting is tweaked, yay.

If you’re like me, when you put photos on Flickr, you stick a load up, maybe 20+ and then decide what you want to delete in the photostream. The problem was, until now, it would delete photos from the current page, and then you had to refresh it to see everything shuffled up with the next photos from the next page coming into place in the grid layout. Flickr, without any fanfare as far as I can tell, have improved this. Try deleting an image now, go on, try it now on your photostream. You first get asked with a popup if you’d like to delete it, which is slightly annoying because you can’t just hit enter, you actually need to click the button to confirm. Then once you do, it auto shuffles up immediately, probably some dark art like ajax or javascript or html5 I’m guessing. But very lovely. Thanks Flickr! 

UPDATE: I’ve just realised it doesn’t quite do what I just said. It closes up the gap in the photostream, yes, but doesn’t push in the next image from the next page. Oh well. 

UPDATE: I’ve also just noticed photostream editing of titles and description has changed for the better too – so you can now tab from one box to the next. Clicking on the title box opens both of them, as in a form. Streamlining is nice isn’t it?

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One Response to Flickr: Photostream deleting is tweaked, yay.

  1. Anonymous says:

    a pity, I really like flickrBy Tuscany

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