Twitter for toddlers

A lot of people laugh when I say I have a Twitter account for my two year old son. Aside from the cuteness factor, it does serve a purpose though. I wanted to have a dated record of landmark points in his early life, such as first steps, first foods, allthe things parents fawn over. I started it in March of 2009, when he was just a few months old.

So it seemed only fair to start an account for my second son too, which I started writing from day one. Second time round, we're now able to compare what they are doing at roughly the same point in their lives. Compare Joseph's tweet of roughly two years ago:??

"just impressed daddy by rolling from my back onto my front for the first time… and then he made me cry by burping very, very loudly." 17th March 2009

And today, Ewan's email"

"Flipped onto my tummy today for the first time today, w00t!" 6th March 2011

Given that Ewan's birthday is six days before Joseph's, that's a pretty impressive match, only five days out!

It will be interesting to see how everything else pans out…??
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