Kindle 3 – experimental web browser

Well, I have certainly been enjoying my new Kindle that I got for my birthday. along with a lovely blue case and plenty of Amazon vouchers so I can download something other than Dickens (although I will be reading some Dickens).

Anyway, aside of every other use for it, I just thought I’d draw attention to the web browser which is sneakily tucked away in the Experimental section. I can’t help feeling, given the placement of this, and the fact that adverts and TV slots don’t mention it, that they’d rather not everyone knew about it. I assume this is because someone has to foot the bill – my Kindle is the 3G and Wifi version, and I think the web browsing is done via 3G, but I’m not sure. Maybe Wifi Kindle owners would like to clarify if they can use the web browser? Anyway it’s a suprisingly effective browser and doesn’t mash up pages too much. In the same way that I wouldn’t call the iPad an ereader type device, I suppose I wouldn’t call a Kindle a web surfing dedicated piece of kit. My top tip: use mobile versions of sites where possible, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Reader, etc. They’re more text based, and straightforward and perform and load a little faster.

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2 Responses to Kindle 3 – experimental web browser

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes the "experimental" browser works on wifi Kindle. I’m not sure if the experiment is the browser or the customer demand for it. Personally I worry about it as an indication of the Kindle’s direction. Anything much more than an accelerometer (helpful for PDFs that aren’t converted, so I can tilt to landscape) and possibly touch input, there’s nothing else I want the Kindle to have or do, and anything that starts to make it multi-function are big big minuses. Every feature they can add would add to weight, drain the battery and distract the reader. Kindle is actually, for me, all about being light, properly handheld, distraction free and as near as damn it perpetual with its battery.Please Amazon, don’t have the iPad in your sights and stick with making a functional and superb reading device.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ps also got mine for birthday last month. loving it.

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