Chillwave, finally a new musical trend I kind of like

Chillwave (or glo-fi -> is the hip new music trend everyone’s talking about in their post-2010 roundup… so obviously, I thought I’d better get in there too. I’m usually a bit dubious about new musical categorisations like this, because it means even if the first two or three bands on the wagon are any good, more will come and soon make it overhyped and overplayed.

However, chillwave I like. A mix of 80s synth tunes pushed through My Bloody Valentine, then Boards of Canada, then Prefuse 73. Something of the electronic and the analogue too, kind of like a an old C90 Depeche Mode tape after it’s been chewed and heard through a walkman with worn down batteries. It’s often instrumental, or the lyrics are at least ethereal enough to not be too pronounced, and this is great for occasions when I need something that’s not too diverting to work to. Dinner party music? Maybe. Perhaps a little too relaxing and unnerving to drive too though.

So far I’ve enjoyed putting names like Toro Y Moi into Spotify and then finding similar suggested artists. but I’m guessing I’ll eventually hone into a few specifics.

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