Mekong Delta Vietnamese buffet, Birmingham


Mekong Delta window

We just went to the Mekong Delta Vietnamese buffet for lunch, which doesn’t have a website of it’s own or any online reviews, so thought I’d write this short blog post about. There are a few business listings online mind. 

It doesn’t look much from the outside, nestled between slightly posher food places, just opposite Birmingham’s imposing Magistrates Court buildings, worth a look. 

Birmingham Magistrates Courts

Inside, it’s not much prettier. It was a bar or club before, and seems to have been painted over in white but otherwise feels cold, in both senses of the word. Clean, but just a bit soulless. There were a few other people eating, but it did feel a bit like they all knew they were there to do a job, and that was to eat their fill of the ‘all you can eat’ buffet. There was some light music that could have been louder, such as Jeff Buckley’s Alleluia. Uninspired, but inoffensive enough, which is saying something given the terrible music often played in these places. 

The food itself was great, and for £4.99 for lunch, who can complain?! I had no idea what to expect from Vietnamese, and maybe I’d have seen more variation from ordering off the menu (see image) but it seemed from the buffet to be a twist on chinese. Starters – the ribs and chicken wings were great, and crunchy coated rather than sticky; yuk sung was also a little drier than it sometimes can be; spring rolls very good and tasty. There’s no too many things on offer, but what there is seems relatively fresh as if it hasn’t been sitting out too long. 

Mains were what you might expect: beef or chicken curry with peas; black bean beef; sweet and sour pork or chicken; 2 types of rice; noodles; chips. Again, not hundreds of options but then perfect for me as these are the things I’d have been likely to pick out anyway. The sweet and sour I especially liked, with light fluffy batter and a good mix of meat to veg. 

Dessert: ice (chocolate, strawberry or vanilla); lychees, etc. Not very exciting. 

In all, this is a great place for a good lunch and at £4.99 (+ £2.50 for a large coke) you can’t argue with that. I don’t know if they have a ‘2 hours and you’re out’ policy or similar, but we were ful with a plate of starters, plate of mains and ice cream. It’s worth noting the plates are also quite large so there isn’t the guilt issue of having several very small plates of food consecutively. It’s maybe not  the kind of place I’d take anyone to impress them, or go in the evening though. Staff were friendly, helpful and welcoming – I get the impression they may not have been open long and are just finding their feet. It’s hard to tell how many people they get on a busy day, or the weekend, but I wish them well, I’m sure we’ll be back. 
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