Cage Against the Machine – which version do we buy?

UPDATE: After some clarification on the Facebook page (thanks Jon), I understand on iTunes, it’s the one where the title is just  4’33” – the one that counts. The remixes don’t count, but are still a worthy purchase as money goes to charity. The has also been updated as a result. 

I’m sure you’ll have all heard about the worthy attempt to derail the X Factor number 1 Christmas single with a re-recorded version of John Cage’s 4’33”

The Facebook page was all flutter this morning, as it’s from today people can buy the single on iTunes, and it will count towards the weekend’s Christmas number  1. However, they’re at real risk of derailing themselves by offering a ‘bundle’ of several versions of the track, various remixes. I’m assuming the purchase of the single only counts if everyone has bought the same version of the single. If 1 million buy one remix and 1 million buy a different version, then the purchases are split. This shouldn’t be a problem, because it should be simple to figure out which version to buy, but look at these screenshots of the listing in iTunes and iTunes on the web. 
I’m assuming the track title is just so long that we can’t read any difference in the track name, appearing at the end of the title. So they all look identical, apart from the first one. I’d have thought this will severely affect the amount of purchases they get, as most people will buying the track for the campaign, not to be buying the music. And if they’re not sure which is the right one to buy to make their vote count, they won’t bother… like me. 

The website actually tries to clarify this by saying:


Which doesn’t help. What I did think might have helped, was to try mousing over the titles to see if a tooltip appeared showing the correct version. Each of those identical versions did have tooltips, but they all had remix names that didn’t imply they were the correct one. Why not just call it ‘Single Remix version’? Anyway maybe this can be fixed or clarified before it’s too late, the end of the week?

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