A glitch, a denial of service, a ban. A problem with Call of Duty Black ops

It all started (possibly) with a Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer game last week. I was playing Free For All, and suddenly started getting screen alerts saying I levelled up, then scored a load of COD points, then levelled up again, then more points. By the end of the game I’d leveled up maybe 5 or 6 times, and earned 50,000 points – I’m assuming each time the glitch happened it added 10,000 points. Just to be clear, I did nothing odd to make this happen, I wouldn’t have even know how to instigate this.

Then last night, I went to go online. My Xbox Live Gold yearly subscription had run out, so I used the free 2 day voucher to get online again, which worked. I started Black Ops to see a Denial Of Service alert. I assumed it was just an issue on the server, although I was a bit suspicious other american players I knew were popping up as ‘playing Black Ops’.

Then this morning I saw this article:

‘The 17-year-old was arrested in the Beswick area of Manchester by the Metropolitan Police’s central e-crime unit earlier.

It followed a “denial of service” attack, which saw large numbers of people unable to play the game online.’

I assumed my denial of service was part of this, or similar. 

Then tonight I went to play some, expecting it to be fixed. Only, apparently I have a 37 hour ban imposed (I assume this is the remainder of an earlier imposed ban?). Bans are usually given to people cheating, glitching or using dodgy logos. My main concern is that when I come out of this ban, I may lose all my progress on multiplayer and have to start again. Anyone else have experience of this? I’ve noticed a few tweets, people having the same problem. 

If you have experienced this please comment or leave details in the comments below

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One Response to A glitch, a denial of service, a ban. A problem with Call of Duty Black ops

  1. Anonymous says:

    UPDATE: I should add that a few hours after tweeting this to Treyarch and @JD_2020 specifically, he understood what had happened and unbanned me with no loss of progress of stats. Thanks very much for the efforts, especially as he seemed to be attending an wards evening at the time – http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2010/12/red-dead-redemption-rides-to-inside-gaming-awards-wins/1HOWEVER, be warned. I was banned for simply spending time in a game that someone else had modded, without my knowledge. Only one game in my session was affected but Treyarch said as I had stayed playing other games int he session when they considered I knew exactly what was going they had banned me. So if you’re in a game and suspect there is something going on, back out, leave the lobby and start again.

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