UK snowfall map visualisation


Any time snow falls in the Uk there seems to be a lot of excitement on Twitter and Facebook as people speculate on whether they'll be in work or school, and give their own reports of weather where they are. It's only natural. But I was wondering if it might be a way of gathering data about the snowfall too???

Let's see if we can collect the data first, and then worry about how to do the technical stuff, like the visualisation. Although I imagine it to be a 3d bar chart laid over a map of the UK.??

So, on Twitter, use the hashtag #UKdeepsnow and somewhere in the tweet include your postcode or town, and the depth of the snow, preferably in centimetres. I'm more interested in a crowdsourced, sel-reported set of data for this, rather than 'what the news says' it is in your area. If you don't know this, because you don't have a ruler and/or access to the snow outside, an approximation will do. And we'll assume that if you're 'a bit out' then so will everyone else so we should get a rough idea of the depth of the snow where you are.??

Okay, that is all.??
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