Chilean miners live, before your very eyes

It’s not often we can see news breaking live on TV, over an extended period. In fact the last thing I remember being able to watch like this was 9/11. I’m guessing the web has grown up a bit now, and it helps that this is a much more positive story, so it was nice to find the above live feed from the Chile miner site. 

I love the fact they’re coming up into the air one by one, with each one being profiled, and filmed meeting their families, etc. It’s a bit like a gameshow or watching Eurovision scores being announced. Also digging (no pun intended) the shades. 

Finally, I am guessing the film rights have been snapped up, but I’d love to see it repurposed as a horror film, whereby the miners brought up into the air are eventually found to have contracted an underground virus that turns them into vampires / zombies / werewolves / whatever. Or that the exclusion from the light has ‘changed’ them somehow. I’m thinking of The Descent. And maybe at first no one notices but as they’re introduced back itno society, things ‘happen’…

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