Morae usability software user-forums… unusable?


You might expect Techsmith Morae’s user forums to be pretty usable, given Morae is software for studying and analysing usability. 

So, let’s look at their user-to-user forums and try to find the search, see first image above. No? Still looking? There it is, hidden under a link, in the middle of the navigation. How is that in the least bit intuitive or conventional? We’d surely  expect to see an open field in the top right of the page, probably above the navigation. 

I would guess this is actually inconvenient for Morae. If users come to the forums and can’t find any way of seeing if someone else has asked the question they’re about to ask, they will have to post regardless. So you might get 20 identical posts to do with screen capture problems for example, where everyone contributing to one thread would have done. Confusing and less usable for users, and increased demand on Morae’s bandwidth, as extra data is created. 


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One Response to Morae usability software user-forums… unusable?

  1. Rob McDougall says:

    I guess this is what they get for using generic BB software…That system is at least 5 years old, if not 10…

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