FIFA 11 and online rage quitters…


I’ve been trying to find some evidence online that in FIFA 11, EA have dealt with some of the problems with playing online. Namely, people leaving games when they’re losing. And it’s not just me. Interestingly, I’ve come across the phrase ‘rage quitters’, which is quote a nice way of describing someone who quits as part of a tantrum that they’re losing. It’s especially galling when I lose 4/5 of the games I play, only to find when I do start scoring and get a lead in a game, I either have to hold back scoring any more goals in case the other player quits, or just anticipate them quitting anyway. I also find I have little time to play these games so when I have found a chunk long enough to fit in an online game of FIFA, it’s annoying to find  that time wasted by someone quitting a game… (okay, enough ranting)

I believe there is some punishment currently in place for people who do quit games like this, but I’m not sure exactly how it works, apparently it’s recorded as a game lost for the person who quits. Although this might not be ideal for people with unstable connections who might suddenly find a game gets very laggy and unplayable, and even throws them out of the game. There’s apparently a loophole allowing anyone who comes into a laggy game to quit within the first 5 minutes without any effect.

Joystiq report that ‘EA is thinking about adding functionality to FIFA 11 that would reward players for finishing matches, rather than try to punish those that quit’, which seems fair enough. However, I’m not sure if this made it into FIFA 11 or not. Any ideas?
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27 Responses to FIFA 11 and online rage quitters…

  1. theFugitive says:

    Yea , what’s the deal with people leaving games at 89 freaking minutes?!?!? Doucebags like that really need to get punched in the FACE! It’s so lame to play game after game, enduring lag and all just to be rage quitted on. Grow up little kids and learn to play out.

  2. Dean says:

    Fuck them quitters!!!

  3. Dean Phiri says:

    Hi EA world! Here are my thoughts on what I think EA should implement concerning "online quitters." As EA continue to refine their next iteration (FIFA 12), the issue of gamers quitting on other opponents should be addressed with at-most urgency. Seriously, HOW MANY GAMES IN ???REAL LIFE??? ACTUALLY GET STOPPED JUST BECAUSE AN OPPOSING TEAM IS TRAILING??? NONE!!! So really, it shouldn???t take rocket science for EA to figure out a way of implementing this type of realism in their coming next-gen??? FIFA. Once a game starts, YOU CAN???T QUIT! It???s that simple. Quitters simply suck the fun out of playing Head-to Head ranked matches, hence defeating the whole purpose of playing online. So my plea to EA is for them to make FIFA in such a way that the ???quit game??? option/icon is invisible during online ranked matches. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Unless these quitters resort to turning their consoles off during ranked matches, my proposal if implemented, WON???T allow gamers to quit at will.

  4. Johnathan Kaszynski says:

    The thing is, I have the feeling turning off their console is exactly what they’re doing.

  5. Paul Doran says:

    Well the rage quitting is horrible i have to say, people still do it even though it counts as a loss, i dont understand the logic in that. I can forgive dodgy connections etc after all it is EA servers. One solution would be if someone quits then the match still continues with AI playing as the other team, the damage. To be honest if i go 3 down in a match playing against players of that caliber only make you a better player. The removal of the quit option in the match should also be removed.

  6. Mike says:

    I tried so hard playing fifa 11 with honor. never quitting even if im losing 5-0, but then im winning and never get the points because my opponent quits. The last time I played online was about a month ago, I played 4 ranked games. 1st one we almost get to penalties but I score a last minute goal. Boom! he quits. 2nd guy wipes me out, I dont quit. 3rd guy im beating 1-0, by 2nd time he quits. 4th guy starts drowning me in goals. I quit in rage.(my typical online experience, everytime I’d play). My honor for this stupid online crap goes down the toilet.It was only so often that id actually get a non quitter. Since I didnt like that I quit, I havent played online since. Now im just playing my career mode not even looking at the online crap. Fuck their online ranked match system. They should simply just give you the fucken points even if the ppl quit, but whatever, EA never really listens to any of these complaints anyway

  7. Angela says:

    Honestly, EA should do something about this. I know 6 people who used to play FIFA 11 but so many people disconnect that non of them plays it anymore.I even asked them if they will play it another time, and they all agree that untill EA does not do something about this, they won’t even bother buying it.Today I played 8 games, the first 6 all quitted, and close scores, like 3-2, 2-1 ….7th game I lost and 8th game after I scored 3-0 goal it Froze as the player was celebrating and did not come back on.What the HELL??EA, you got to Fix this. Deal with disconnections, and everyone start BLOCKING people who quit for the time being.Angela

  8. dannyboy says:

    quitters are a disgeace i never lose im best i destroy them all

  9. z says:

    it is so annoying im iv had it 5 games in a row and they all quitalso people who play with Barcelona or Madrid all the time, ‘pass to messi he can score a lame goal”yea we won against a 3 star team im so good’worse off teams are more fun and u need to be actually good to score a goal.

  10. z says:

    also they should create a wall of shamewith quitters

  11. ...better player says:

    IMO. I propose that EA should implement a simple point dispersion system that will reward the remaining playing player 50pts. And the "disconecting" or "quiting" player should be docked that same amount or even more. Personally, I think a fair price to pay would be anywhere from 60-80 points (which is what it would usually cost to win back in 2 games depending on gameplay). You get a solid 50pts. not 3-10 like a tie. not 20-40 like a close game. not 60-80 like a blow out killer team played game.., (I’ve gotten 77pts. before playing a player 15-20 levels above me.) anyways, but a solid 50. You get two quitters back to back, BOOM! 100pts. on their end -120pts. This should definitely discourage quitting.., because if they quit enough they’ll be at the bottom of the muk playing against muk and have it happen to themselves endlessly and eventually be discouraged from playing online, unless they’d like to make a change and scrape themselves up from the bottom, save what face they may still have, learn by playing true players and eventually becoming good themselves… The purpose is to have fun and learn.Counter Arguments to the counter arguments…I know some people are thinking, well, what if colluding players use this to their advantage and purposely quit and earn a certain "player" points. "Collaborative" quitting just to gain points. Well first of all, Players already do this by playing full games and losing purposefully. Secondly that just shows what type of player you are. Third, the online record will only show your stats and prove your worth. Fourth, you can’t climb to the top of the ladder without meeting the middle or 3/4’s rungs first. Meaning, if thats how your points were earned, inevitably you’ll meet your kryptonite player that will take you down. What if some people are thinking well… I’ll just do it this way to earn points and be ranked and known… If thats what your argument is, then those players are playing a whole different game… lol. Where’s the fun in that? Are you even competing/playing anymore… Might as well sit on your couch/bed and do nothing at all and call your self "the champ!"Now, I understand there are cases when you do lose connection through no fault of your own or the other player or do have to leave. My answer to that is… those instances are thin and far, and should not be counted. For those that have to "leave"… which brings me to my next point….There should be either 1 of 2 things…or both. One process that has the same end result for either way. 1.) Either an agreement or terms of online point earning spreadsheet that you agree to laying out all the points disparities in my first paragraph (For hardboot quit, which is bad by the way for your machine). Or 2.) some kind of menu that will prompt you should you opt to quit "Are you sure you want to quit?" "…doing this will result in you losing 60pts, and your opponent earning 50pts!" "…maybe, next game you will ba a champ." ok, the last one was just fun, but you get my point…A record’s not everything… and age is just a number right?Honestly my record is like 150-35-80, only because I’ve braved it out, I know for a fact had I not been sucked out on I’d prolly be like 350-54-99. (loss decrease due to me improving and becoming a better player & yeah, that many people have quit on me) I know the lot of you would agree or feel the same… that your record would be much improved.I know you guys are good players… or else you wouldn’t be reading this, so my advice; keep smashin on foo’s online. Maybe in the future there will be a system like this in place. Maybe not…But all is fantasy, and with that being said, to ease my qualms when I play.., I just think in my head "I’ma score til there’s a hole in the net and make this foo quit!"For me… its the fun and satisfaction of reading and stopping offensive attacks, making plays, and scoring goals, and as a result of that.., "…CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST!!!"

  12. Rolf Klevgaard says:

    As said above, EA really should take disconnections seriously. I think EA has mad a great game with fifa 11 , one of the few things that is left to make a perfect game is solving this problem.Maybe there should be a "report player" option witch shows up if the player disconnects on you, and if the player gets enough "report player" ticks, he should be banned from EA servers for a certain amount of time, or for all time for what i care.As the ranking system is concerned, it doesnt work as it stands now. I have only a rank score of like 500, but thats only because I hardly never get any points, because everytime I`m in for a win or even a draw (!!!!) theese fuck heads quit on me.!!!!FIX THIS EA, TAKE YOUR LOYAL HONEST PLAYERS SERIOUSLY!!!!

  13. here's the solution says:

    just have a 10 minute ban to quitters…

  14. that guy says:

    I agree with what everyone has said really, but what infuriates me further is when people purposely switch off at the plug causing the game to say that the connection has been lost, as opposed to the player on the other end, quitting. I’d actually rather they just quit the game from the start menu, at least then they aren’t cowering behind the wall of connection. I’ve improved vastly since getting fifa 11 and I’m now online level 21, which is pretty good in my opinion. It get’s worse as you progress through the levels though, as little, geeky kids who play as Barca, Madrid, Milan, Chelsea aren’t used to losing and therefore disconnect. Ah well, we can only hope that, as honest players, EA sort this out in time for fifa 12. Enjoy playing, guys.

  15. ...tired of quiters... says:

    I am tired of People quitting in Fifa 2011 …. I just played again after 3 months of no games. Yesterday I was winning with Hercules 3 – 1 against Chelsea… the guy quilted at 89 min… I am at a very high level and I guess the guy was not happy that with such a better team he was losing… but that is football…Today again with Hercules I was winning 3-1 against another guy in another ranked match, he quit at the end as well.3rd game, I was playing with Porto and winning 1-0 against Manchester united…. the guy also quit at 89th minute….They all unplug the console….This is not fair at all. I don’t want to play online anymore like this until EA fixes this.My proposal: The rule should be, the one that quits early should have a 3-0 defeat (likewise the one that didn’t gets a 3-0 win and points) or the last score of the game if higher than 3 goal difference. That would be fair.

  16. Boulders8 says:

    Quitters suck – I’ve taken some real bad beatings but never quit so when I actually get a few goals ahead and the f**kwits quit that really pees me off – had 3 in a row quit on me last night – incidentally all were French! It seems that when you get quit on you get awarded the game 3-0 or if the score was bigger you get that, ie: was winning 4-0 and the winey little git quit and so I got the 4-0 result but of course as "connection" was lost I didn’t get my points and the git didn’t lose any!

  17. Booger says:

    Good comments and suggestions. Bottom line, something has to be done. At Boulders8: I’ve had people of all nationalities quit on me and I don’t need to point each one out. If you are going to point it out, then spread out the blame equally where it’s due. There are jerks and good people everywhere.

  18. Bassix says:

    I also rage quit. It’s just that my anger is so strong ,I fucking yell at the xbox when someone scores with a stupid goal or something like that.

  19. Boulders8 says:

    @Booger – I take your point! I’ve had German, Dutch, English, French all quit on me – I was merely pointing out a coincidence of French quitters at that particular time. Even worse than the quitters who quit mid game are the quitters who quit right at the end of the match so they protect their points not going down and stop you getting your deserved win points

  20. Sorin says:

    why not make the quitters name to appear in red?that way we can choose who we play or not.

  21. Rolf Klevgaard says:

    Bassix: then you shouldnt play online. Play against the AI if you cant stand to loose. You are a part of the problem with fifa 11 online, so I dont understand why you take part of this string of comments. Grow up and finish your game, maybe if you finish each game against good players you will actually learn something!

  22. Boulders8 says:

    Anyone know what the deal will be with quitters in Fifa 12? Are EA going to come up with a system to punish the quitters?

  23. sam says:

    ok yesterday on FIFA 12 i played someone i was wining and next minuite he quits then he sends me hahahahah i got the points shame your terrioust. and i lost my points.fuck you quiters

  24. sam says:

    fuck yu quiters’i have had enough of fifa 12 it has shit online rules

  25. Boulders8 says:

    @sam. Seriously, you saying that in Fifa 12 quitters actually get points for quitting and the quit on loses points???

  26. FIFA KING says:


  27. SamPillen says:

    I have just started playing FIFA 12 online… I have played 6 games…been up in all 6…opponent has quit in all 6…according to my stats I am 0-0-0…seriously EA Sports sort it out before you lose more and more online gamers

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