I live in Wednesbury, how did I miss this? Fierce Interrobang 2: Relationships

Living in Wednesbury, I sometimes search for mentions of the town on Twitter, and came across a reference to the event quoted below. But too late. It happened over the weekend and it’s now Sunday night.

I’m often disappointed that more doesn’t ‘happen’ in Wednesbury, on a level of events I might be likely to go to, the kind of events you might expect in Birmingham. I’m not saying I buy the local paper every day, but I’d say I am pretty typical of a Wednesbury resident, and am probably more ‘digitally included’ than many (I keep in touch with two other active tweeting friends from the next couple of streets). I live right in the centre, I walk around town and keep my eyes open for posters, flyers, etc. I walk past the metro and bus station stops every day, and down the high street. I didn’t see anything about this event.

I guess I’m just a little annoyed that something should be brought to the Black Country, making interesting use of buildings, etc, if residents (this one at least) are then felt to be excluded by lack of communication. I’d be interested to know how many people travelled in from Birmingham, and how many participating / audience members were actually local, from Wednesbury. Anyway I’ll ease off now, but it would be interesting to know how it panned out, I’m sure someone was collecting data of attendees and their postcodes…

In fairness there’s tons of coverage on the Fierce site, but that wouldn’t have brought in people passing with their bags of shopping in Wednesbury.



The weekend of the Interrobang is here. We’ll be in Wednesbury at The Old Post Office and the Town Hall all weekend for a series of performances, talks and other adventurous experiences – come and join us (all events are free – no need to book, just drop in).

Friday night:

Tonight at 7.30pm in the front room of the Old Post Office performance duo Plan B are going to talk about their practice of tracing all their movements with GPS tracking devices, and how this is going to evolve into a project for the next Fierce Festival, February 2011.  Sheila Ghelani is also going to be performing some of the text-based elements of her work Rat, Rose, Bird which she is developing for the Fierce Festival.

Drills are whirring in the Old Post Office as the group working together on The Slightest Movement construct pieces of set for the conclusion of their week-long exploration tomorrow. This group have been on a huge journey this week and we’ll be finding a space to discuss things the experience has thrown up on this blog soon.

Saturday night:

The tea dance is ending in the Old Town Hall next door and the team are constructing a maze of antique polling booths for audiences to encounter a whirlwind of one on one performances in Live Art Speed Date, Saturday night at 7.30pm. With 20 artists creating bespoke intimate performances, DJs, a bar and the magnificent ‘auto-dating’ (come along to find out more) this promises to be a raucous evening.


Sunday afternoon:

Please join us at the leisurely post-brunch hour of 2pm to hear a talk from Alex Kelly of Third Angel, about the show he made where he traced the members of his class in Chuckery infant school in Walsall.  There will also be works in progress from the artists on the Fierce Festival Arts Council funded Platinum scheme – including a live spoken word and audiovisual set from Leon Trimble.

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One Response to I live in Wednesbury, how did I miss this? Fierce Interrobang 2: Relationships

  1. mrsshilts says:

    really? In wednesbury? I didnt c it nor hear anything about it! Only knew the boots was open due 2 the big poster by bus station

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