iPad vs Kindle, a marketing comparison

Yesterday I noticed a new TV advert in the UK for the Amazon Kindle ereader. The first thing that struck me, was how different the approach was from iPad TV adverts. And yes I know they're two different products with different functions, but, well, just watch these:??

The first thing that strikes me is that beyond the first few seconds, the Kindle disappears from view altogether for most of the advert. The marketing isn't about the hardware, how sexy it is or even what the screen looks like. It instead concentrates on the content, because people who read novels know how a great story can take you places in your mind, if that doesn't sound ??too cheesy. In many respects, if the method of reading can become invisible enough to us, the 'sexiness' of the product, of the hardware, is irrelevant. One of my issues with the Kindle is I'm still unconvinced that any digital screen can look just like printed text on paper, without any additional strain on the eye. This TV advert doesn't even address this, I'm guessing because however much you try and describe the quality of the screen on TV, you won't understand how good it is until you see it in the flesh.??

The iPad advert is much more up front – here's the product, here are applications, here are the screens in action. It directly shows the user experience by displaying two hands operating the tablet. Everything's very bright, but then that does quite accurately replicate the bright screen of the iPad, so fair enough.??

Interestingly, the Kindle advert ends with the price displayed on the screen, ??109. At ??400+, Apple might be wise not to do that.??
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2 Responses to iPad vs Kindle, a marketing comparison

  1. justinSawkins says:

    It’s interesting to see the adverts in comparison. I’ve been following this myself and I’ve been considering why these devices are seen as competitors when they are really so different. I guess potential purchasers might struggle to afford (or justify) both products, and they also only have a limited tolerance for the number of devices they are willing to carry around with them.Price point is also interesting, when considered in the context of use scenarios. I for one would feel more comfortable reading a ??109 Kindle device on a bus or train than I would in pulling out a ??400 iPad which in itself is a more attention grabbing device.Interesting post, thanks Jerome.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also the kindle is easier to read- the LCD display does not need a bright backlight to strain your eyes like the iPad does. Having seen both, it seems to me that if you just want a e-reader get a kindle.

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