Things to do before I die, No 35: be namechecked on the official Archers website

We Love The Bull
23 September 2010

The Bull Harry’s campaign to bolster Jolene’s flagging enthusiasm for Ambridge’s local pub has taken off in Ambridge, with a website, a meeting and now a T-shirt on the way. But Archers listeners have been quick to join the cause in real cyberspace.  

Ciaran Coyle (Ruairi Donovan) –>

Posing as Harry, Jerome Turner, a designer from Wednesbury set up a We Love The Bull Twitter account. At the time of writing, this was heading towards 400 followers.

And soon the campaign found its way to Facebook, as a Cause. This was created by Inga McVicar, a marketing consultant from Dumfries and Galloway. Inga is also active on Twitter, as thearchersfan. She describes herself as “appallingly addicted to The Archers” and writes an almost daily blog Pondering The Archers about the goings-on in Ambridge.

The Facebook cause numbered 243 supporters at the time of writing.

Discussions on Twitter have included speculation that Adam and Ian could take over the place and run it as a gastropub. MarianneBamkin said “The Bull must survive as it personifies every village pub in Britain. If the Bull closes, then society as we know it is at an end”.

Listeners have set up several Twitter accounts as Archers characters, many of whom naturally support the campaign. “eddie_grundy” said: “Us Grundys are doing all we can to save jobs in the #WeLoveTheBull campaign. I’m supporting Clarrie and I knows William is right behind Nic”. Hm, he may be a little optimistic there…

And “ArcherRuth” added: “Is thor anyone whe doesn’t hin The Bull? Ah hope neet! #welovethebull”

Other followers include accounts apparently in the names of Pip, Matt, Joe, Nigel and Fallon. Even Bartleby The Pony is on board, and supernatural Ambridge is represented by the ghosts of Walter Gabriel, Jack’s dog Captain, and of course Sid himself.

And naturally, Jolene’s depression and its effect on the pub has been a hot topic of conversation on the BBC’s long-established Archers message board, to whom Twitter and Facebook are young upstarts.

Why not show your support? Sign up to the cause, follow the Twitter account, or contribute to the message board discussions.

The Bull’s customers need you!


A couple of weeks ago I was driving home listening to The Archers and heard talk of Twitter, namely Harry the milkman saying a ‘welovethebull’ Twitter account should be set up to show support for the Bull pub. As soon as I got home I checked, and no, the account name hadn’t been registered so I took it. And then realised I was now committed to playing the role of Harry running a Twitter campaign. Fair enough. It’s actually been a lot of fun so far, and I’ve managed to keep in character rather well if I do say so myself. But the mask’s off now, in the article above…

And amusingly, this account looks set to get more followers than my actual account.

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