We Love The Bull

Listening to the Archers tonight I noticed Harry mentioning that a Twitter account should be started for villagers to show their support to Jolene and Fallon in keeping the Bull pub open in these troubling times of theirs, following the death of Sid. Well, here's the account, so you can tweet them here.??

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2 Responses to We Love The Bull

  1. ArcherRuth says:

    Owt that gan be done tuh keep The Bull fo’ closin hez tuh be a canny thin. David an’ ah hev been wonderin whethor perhaps Adam an’ Ian meet tek it owor, or perhaps Fallon cud tek it on. Actually ah think it will be Fallon – she’s a class act an’ hez a canny heed fo’ business.

  2. MarianneBamkin says:

    The Bull must survive as it personifies every village pub in Britain. If the Bull closes, then society as we know it is at an end

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