A holiday in Cumbria

Recently got back from holidaying with family in Cumbria and thought I'd pull out the best of the visitor attractions we indulged in. It was great fun, but exhausting, largely due to chasing my young son around for a week. We rented a cottage near Wigton, which served us very well. It even had an outdoor pool which we were able to swim in on the last day. Otherwise, here's what we got up to:

More of an animal centre than a zoo, but without any animal handling. We saw all sorts – otters, bison, emus, ostriches, donkeys, goats, sheep, parrots, alpacas. The restaurant/cafe was also good, with good cakes. Actually, we saw a good quality of cakes wherever we went, maybe it's a Cumbria thing? There was also a decent sized soft play area, which we had lots of fun in.??

Admittedly, we didn't go round the house itself but did wander around the gardens and play areas, with little streams weaving in and out of the paths and overgrown greenery. The weather helped, as it kept lovely and sunny, but fresh. The tea room was also good, offering great Cumberland sausage and again, handmade cakes.??

Allonby and Silloth
Two seaside towns, not that you'd really call them 'resorts'. Go to Allonby for the beach, Silloth for the quaint cobbled streets and 'small town' vibe. Allonby was also our first time paddling in the sea with our son Joseph, so a bit of a land(sea?)mark moment. Oh and we found a bouncy castle.??

Bassenthwaite Lake??
As we were quite northerly in Cumbria (staying near Wigton), we didn't see too much of the lakes, but did visit Bassenthwaite. We managed to find a nice place to park up by the road and go down to the water, and again introduced Joseph to something new, throwing stones. Very serene and peaceful. There seemed to be quite a few old people camped out in deck chairs at various spots, and three brave souls swimming too.??

Amazing in that they bothered starting a pencil museum. To be fair we didn't get much of a look at the very limited display, as Joseph raced us through it at breakneck speed. The main focus seemed to be the shop and tearoom with opportunity for drawing i.e. some pencils and paper scattered around. I'm assuming Keswick has some kind of pencil factory or relevant history, I think something to do with mining graphite…? Keswick in itself is nice enough, if you're interested in buying walking equipment, which I'm not. Sorry.??

Birdoswald Roman Fort??
I'd never visited a site of Hadrian's Wall until now, and even now I'm not entirely convinced what I photographed was exactly the right wall… The roman fort here was an old ruin site, but they had some nice events on the day as it was Bank Holiday. There was some nice but tame gladiatorial fighting.??
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