New Camera: in praise of the Panasonic LX3

I bought a new camera, a replacement for our family Nikon point and shoot which gave up the ghost recently. This one’s a Panasonic LX3, which was a bit cheaper now I think because it’s been superceded by the LX5. It’s a lovely camera, small enough to go in your pocket but powerful enough to do a lot of things manually, even focus, shutter speed and aperture, which is quite unusual on a point n shoot. I’m especially enjoying the very good images in even low light (I’m hardly ever using the flash), the wide angle of the lens, manual focus and the various different formats you can shoot in such as 16:9 ratio. Above are some of my first pics on it. The wide angle is really nicely displayed on that photo of the tram tracks and building works in West Brom.

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5 Responses to New Camera: in praise of the Panasonic LX3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent choice! I got mine last year, just after the boy was born after much deliberation (it was this or a Canon Powershot G series I spent the longest thinking about, but I had a brief flirtation with the Olympus PEN). I heard about the LX5 just the other day – the slightly longer lens is a bonus, but otherwise there’s not much more to do with this camera, which is probably why it’s lasted two years as a current model and not been turned over so quickly. Damn right about the power, and the pocket sized thing – it really does slip into my pocket, and I’ll take that convenience over the full range of options I used to have as an SLR user.I guess it’s one of those convenience, making do things you do as you grow up, but unless I had the time to spend hours playing with cameras as a hobby, I’d never get an SLR again.BTW – We have the Leica variant of the LX3 in our research office. Dubber has it on loan, he might swap it for an ipad

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep had mine for 18 months now i think, very impressed with the picture quality. I didn’t want an SLR as I preferred the portability of a compact, this camera has fitted the bill perfectly. You got the one in black Jez? Also I noticed with one of the recent firmware updates you can now do 1:1 aspect ratio pics.Be interested to know whats the Leica variant is like. How do they justify the much higher price?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Alex mine is in black. And I have the latest firmware, 2.2. Is 1:1 just square? odd.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love the Leica – though I’m aware that it cost an extra ??100 just for the badge. It’s more or less the same camera as the Panasonic Lumix. However – I’m still a fan (or rather, I’m a born-again fan) of the SLR – and the new Nikon D3100 that’s just come out looks amazing.Still – I’ve been having fun <a href="">playing with 35mm film on my Pentax K1000</a> these last few weeks…

  5. Anonymous says:

    You see Dubber, I’m settling for a sensible little camera in my stage of life, your new SLR is a midlife crisis camera ;)Loving the pentax shots. My mum has taken to using a 35mm film compact again. It’s very odd not knowing what’s on the roll again.

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