iPad Brushes, some early experiences

I've been playing around with the Brushes painting app on the iPad. And whilst it is a painting app, rather than, say a vector or photo working application, it has a few limitations. Don't get me wrong, it's put together very well, and performs very well too. I love being able to draw directly onto the screen, and do a better job than I would with a Wacom or a mouse. I love the layers, although could do with a few more than six maybe, and some extra blending modes perhaps? I love at least 4 of the 11 available brushes, the brush stroke ones in particular at the moment. The colour mixing isn't as fine tuneable as it might be with fat fingers, but hey, you can still basically mix colours using HSB (rather than RGB, which I can never do).??

However, I think my main gripe though, is that while you feel like you're painting quite fluidly, and working in a quite organic way some of the time, all of a sudden the limitations will break you out of that creative 'hot spot'. If I'm drawing and need to do something in detail, I can lean in or focus my eyes more sharply – on the iPad we need to zoom in to do this with any accuracy, which doesn't give you an easy way to get an understanding of how this affecting the wider picture, because when you're zoomed in, you just see that zoomed ??section.??

There are also things that a I can't replicate from life drawing using charcoals for example. Charcoal drawing involves use of the charcoal on paper itself, but also a lot of thumb smudging, blending, etc. It feels??like we should be able to do this with out thumb on the iPad but we can't. The touch represents a fixed mouse point on the screen – it doesn't matter if I wipe with the flat of my thumb, the tip or the knuckle, it all makes the same mark on the screen. Which gets me wondering if multi-touch devices in the future might be able to take that kind of input i.e. where the screen is covered by the hand, that counts as a touched area. So a hand laid on a screen would count as a hand print, not just one touch or several simultaneous touches.
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