Apple Pages – Too Bold Or Not Too Bold?

Apple make amazing, intuitive, perfect products, right? Well not everywhere. I hate to pick nits, but the following, to me, is a massive usability problem that could have been easily spotted and dealt with before product release. 

Pages is a word processor for the iPad, so you can do the usual things like type text as bold, italicised, or underlined. If you don’t have any of those variables selected, the following image shows what the tool icons look like. 
Then if you click B for bold, for example, this is how the icon changes to show you that everything you now type will be bold.
Oh. It doesn’t. The only way to find out if the next bit of typed text will be bold is, yes, to type it. In Word, the button becomes recessed to show it’s being used. 
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One Response to Apple Pages – Too Bold Or Not Too Bold?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This has since been fixed in an update. Apple clearly saw my blog post and decided they’d better do something about it.

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