Wednesbury Music Festival

Yesterday was Wednesbury Music Festival which we only went to see for a short while given the timing. It started at 4 and we had to get back for Joseph’s tea at 5.30 ish, so we didn’t see what was on right through til 8. We saw a few songs of one band, a kind of pub blues rock act who were okay. Of particular note were the cheap ice creams – 99 flake and vanilla lolly for ??1.50, not bad at all. There were lots of ‘youth’ and families there, sitting around the stepped rockery around the bandstand, a sweets stall, an ice cream van and a big blow up slide. And it was all free, which was nice, organised by the ‘Friends of Brunswick Park’ I believe.

Below is a video I put together…

…but someone seems to have also videoed all the songs of one other person, Jacob Lloyd.??

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