Posterous: Turning Contributors into Administrators



I have recently been setting up a new posterous for some people to use as a communal blog and hoped making them Contributors would do the job, but it doesn’t quite. It does let them easily post by using their email address, just like anyone else. But they can’t then correct typos, add images or tags or change their posts. They can’t see the stats, they can’t change any of the profile images.??

So, I wrote a short tutorial for them to show how they can become administrators of the site with the same rights as me. Thought it would be nice to share…

NB The administrators-to-be need to have been invited as Contributors already. xxxx refers to the name of the blog I was setting up for these people, which I’ve also ‘redacted’ in the image above with a black bar.??

Becoming an administrator
  1. Go to
  2. We are going to set you up with your own posterous blog, which makes you an account. Go to your email account, the one you gave me that I used to invite you to be a Contributor the other day. Email anything you like to – put in any old text and subject line.??
  3. Once you’ve done that you should get an email from posterous. It will have a link to a new blog and I think it will ask you for a name and email address and password. The name part, is probably easiest to put your name, and if ??you wanted you could then use this as your own personal blog, for whatever reason you might want one… I don’t think the password you give necessarily needs to be the corresponding password for your email e.g. if your login to hotmail with and yr password is monkey, it doesn’t need to be monkey for posterous, you could pick something else.??
  4. The next pop up will ask you to Complete Your Profile – you could leave all this blank for now, I’d put a first and last name in though.
  5. You can then Skip everything else??
  6. Go back to your email account, you’ll have a new email. It’s basically a security check to hook up your email address to posterous properly.??
  7. Click to confirm the email address.
  8. The links takes you back to Posterous, and you should see your xxxx blog listed on the left where it says Your Blogs, which now means you can do everything I need you to be able to – see image.??

Some final things to make life easier??

  1. At the moment you might have noticed you have your original blog listed on the left with your name on it, then the xxxxx one underneath it, but you’ll probably want to use the xxxxx one mostly, so let’s make it your primary blog. In my image where it says Post by Gmail, click the arrow to open the menu and select Set as primary. This will mean you can post just by emailing
  2. However, you still have your posterous blog that was used to set up your account. Unless you want to use it, let’s delete it so you don’t have the confusion of picking the ‘right blog’ each time you want to come in here. Select the original blog with your name from the list on the left of ‘your blogs’.??
  3. Then making sure the Posts tab is selected across the top…
  4. …look at the bottom of the page and click Delete this site.
  5. When the page refreshes it should be gone from the Your Blogs list, so every time you log into posterous, xxxxx will be selected.??

That’s the end of this short tutorial, hopefully it will be of help but feel free to comment or contact me if you’d like more…

Update: I’ve just realised, looking at a colleague who I’ve made a Contributor on a posterous, that the Contributor can only do limited things on the blog. For starters, they only see the Posts tab, not all the Settings tabs, etc. And within that Posts tab, they can only edit their own posts, whereas the actual administrator of the site, the person who set it up, can edit everyone’s posts.??

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5 Responses to Posterous: Turning Contributors into Administrators

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has this feature been disabled? I’m not longer seeing this option under the "Post by Gmail" drop-down box. I have several contributors who no longer have this choice available.

  2. Nerd Stalker says:

    Nice write up and yes it’s unfortunate but it appears the other contributors can only be limited admins. This really defeats the purpose of collaboration.

  3. Stacey Bartlett says:

    Please make multiple admins a reality. Will make all the difference for us. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes Please! Our interest in creating a posterous blog in the first place was solely based on our somewhat mistaken understanding that posterous facilitated a fully collaborative blogging platform.Thanks very much

  5. Anonymous says:

    Multiple admin support is coming soon!

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