The day I watched football with Uri Geller

Many years ago in one of my past lives, I used to work freelance with film and video crews. I spent a fortnight filming with a Canadian crew??for a show called Famous Homes and Hideaways, basically nosing around large, posh, quaint or celebrity houses and hotels. It was a bit odd but we got to stay in some posh places, including the scariest, a ‘haunted’ castle in Killarney. Still gives me chills.

Anyway this football malarkey has reminded me of the day we turned up at Uri Geller’s house to film there and found him in his lounge with a??video camera, watching what I think may have been Euro something or other… 2000? It was around the time he was spending a lot of time at football games using his powers to help on the teams and this was something he was doing, filming himself watching the game, for use in??some other TV show. It was a bit odd, all of us sitting with him on his sofas waiting for him to finish. I think the Canadian crew were??particularly confused.

The photo above is when we went outside, and he showed us his amazing car covered in spoons he’s bent. He bent a spoon for us over the
crystal at the front, and he rightly suspected I was a bit unconvinced. He told us one of the spoons was a spoon James Dean used to carry around with him to eat yoghurts and that it had ben in his pocket when he died in the car crash. Everyone else had their photo taken with him, but I’m the only one where I look like the bored celebrity who’s been stopped in the street for their autograph.

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