SMT / HLD on Nintendo Korg DS10


I've seen a lot of people wondering what the smt / hld button does on the controls of the Nintendo Korg DS10 'game'. I finally tracked down an answer but just wanted to show how to explore this.??

  1. Go to the Kaos interface for one of the synths.
  2. Make sure you've got a nice tune recorded and looping (or a horrible one, up to you). I'd just draw something into the top area of the Kaos interface so it's made up of long notes rather than tight, clipped ones.
  3. Hit the number 3 in the top left so you see the axis of the Kaos change to Peak and Cutoff
  4. Now hit record and draw all over the kaos in a big squiggle so it varies the peak and cutoff a lot throughout your loop
  5. Stop recording, and now try toggling from SMT to HLD.??
  6. You should notice how SMT Smoothes the jump from one Peak or Cutoff level to another.??
  7. HLD stands for Hold and 'steps' the change – it sounds a bit more robotic, less organic.??
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