The laptop that disappoints even before turning on

We got some new laptops today and were a bit dissapointed with what we found. Not because they weren't what we ordered (in fact they weren't quite what we ordered because they'd been superceded by a slightly different model) but because they just felt a bit… well, rubbish. No fault of anyone really. We ordered something without seeing them in the flesh, although we did as much online research as we felt we needed to. I think part of it may have come from Apple spoiling us with products that seem a bit more modern and finished. This laptop feels almost like they've gone for retro somehow but incorporated all the undesirable elements of olde design.??

  • There's a switch on these laptops on the side to turn off wireless. Why would you need that? And why would you need it as an analogue switch on the side of the hardware. Imagine if every setting on a computer was activated by switches on the casing of your computer… The switch itself is a very un-clicky slider too, it feels like it will snap off and doesn't fit very snugly.??
  • The numbers and letter on the keyboard look like they've been transferred on – you can clearly see the black halo of the transfer around the white character. I fully expect them to wear off in a couple of weeks.??
  • The screen is a bit square.??
  • The track pad is very small and the edge leading down to it isn't graduated or sloped down, like a beach as we might expect. It has a very hard edge. Actually a lot of the styling on this machine seems to about nasty hard edges.??
  • The whole thing just fels a bit brick-shaped.??
  • It has one of those weird nipple nubbins in the middle of the keyboard. As well as a trackpad. Go figure. So last millenium.
  • The hinge on the laptop screen feels a bit wobbly.
  • The underside is ugly as hell, covered in rogue bits of plastic and casing.??

To stress, this is basically all before we've even turned it on. Maybe once it's up and running it will wow us…

The lessons learned: just because some people, like Apple, make nice products that feel 'of the day' don't assume everyone does. Thankfully these laptops will largely be used as desktop machines with keyboards and screens plugged into them.??

One last positive note. We also bought another laptop which is much nicer.??
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