What does the iPad do for hardware design?

You may have noticed something in the news about a new piece of kit, the iPad. It looks like this:


Apparently, and most probably, it will revolutionise personal computing. Other companies will follow suit with similar products, like Google??and Joojoo??(no I hadn't heard of them either til 20 seconds ago). I could probably search online for other contenders and find a handful of similar looking sheets of interactive glass.??

All this is a bit of a shame, because it feels like only so much can really happen with the hardware. The great tablet war will probably be fought on operating systems and functions / features but the physical model of the hardware doesn't seem to be varying much across the competition. Wouldn't it be interesting though if it did???

I'm thinking:
  • a square iPad-style device, rather than rectangular. Why would you want a square one? Who knows.??
  • a hexagonal tablet. For multiple users round a table. Think Apple app version of hungry hippos for example. Product name: WiiJa board, by Nintendo of course.??
  • A circular tablet. Could respond to heat and touch e.g. you put a mug down on it and it becomes a teacup saucer (and does something clever).??
  • A spherical tablet with the entire surface as a multi touch screen. Depending on how you hold and turn it it, where your hands go and which way up it is, different content is displayed.??
I'm just being silly of course, but I reckon we will be pretty bored of seeing all these new product launches unless there is some variation, and not just another thin sheet of plastic and glass to look at.??

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One Response to What does the iPad do for hardware design?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You could be onto something with the WiiJa board idea….

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